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Hi, Dr Matthew Holmes here from Clear Health Media.

What is Internet Marketing for Practices?

Simply it is using the internet to market your practice, just like any other channel. Other examples are newspapers, flyers, Yellow Pages etc.

What makes internet marketing so unique is that it can be much more cost effective that traditional marketing, often because you can be super targeted on the group of people you are trying to reach. If you’re not sure about who you’re trying to reach, then pop on over to practicedna.com and listen to our episode on Chosing Your Practice’s Focus.

Internet marketing is also very diverse. It can cover things like:

Search Engine Optimisation to improve your website’s search engine rankings
Google Pay Per Click Ads
Social Media marketing, for example Facebook, both paid and free
Video production and posting to sites like YouTube

You don’t need to do all of these, but you would be crazy to ignore internet marketing for your practice. Google has already replaced Yellow Pages as the place to look for businesses. We can help you develop a marketing strategy that fits the goals that you have for your practice. Contact us at info@clearhealthmedia.com

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