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Google Chrome To Start Flagging HTTP Connections As “Not Secure” – How This Affects Your Website

In January 2017, the Chrome browser from Google will flag HTTP websites as “Not Secure” according to Chrome Security Team’s Emily Schechter. Google has always aimed to be more protective of its users’ sensitive information such as credit card details and passwords from being hacked or stolen.  An HTTPS site is one that displays the… Read More


Had an AHPRA Complaint? How To Remove Content From Your Website Safely.

Many practitioners have been the recipient of an unwelcome letter from the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA) in recent times in regard to their online advertising. It’s been my experience that most practitioners simply fall foul of the regulations unintentionally, landing themselves in hot water! In a stressful situation like that you’ll obviously want to… Read More

Facebook marketing

How To Get Targeted, Relevant Articles To Post On Your Facebook Page Sent To You For Free

We’re big fans of Facebook advertising here at Clear Health Media because of the results it can deliver for your practice.  We tend not to be so hot on spending a lot of time just posting on your Facebook page.  However, it is important to make sure that your page has activity on it, as… Read More


Managing Negative Comments on Your Facebook Ads

As you’re probably aware, we’re big advocates of Facebook advertising here at Clear Health Media.   Implemented correctly, it can be a big driver of new patient growth in your practice. However part of the “fun” of advertising on Facebook, can be dealing with the comments you get from people when they see your ad in their… Read More


Pokemon What?

The Pokemon Go craze is big and only looks to be getting bigger. Is this just a flash in the pan, and can you tap into it to build your practice? The answer to both questions is probably yes. First, for those who’ve been avoiding the whole business, what is Pokemon Go? What is Pokemon… Read More

Why Content Marketing Is The New SEO

One thing that is vital for any business owner to remember when they start thinking about generating interest and leads online is that Google’s search engine is the number one referrer of traffic on the Internet. The SEO industry has been built atop this fact, and has operated largely from a position of trying to… Read More

Mobile responsive design

Using Email Marketing to Grow Your Practice

In the past few months, I’ve had several discussions with fellow practitioners who are interested in incorporating email marketing into their practice marketing strategy.  Based on these discussions, I’ve found that most people make one of two main mistakes, they either overestimate what they will need, or they don’t really understand what they need. I’d… Read More

5 Elements Of High Converting Websites For Practices

Online marketing has opened up a whole new world for service-orientated businesses, and having an effective, high converting website should be at the forefront of any practitioner or therapist’s marketing efforts. This is not always the case, however, with many business sites still lacking the basic components that can help maximize their marketing, lead generation… Read More


Why You Should Switch to Active Campaign (We Did!)

Active Campaign is a great system to use to manage your email communications. In this article I’m going to dive into what these systems are, why you need them, and why I think Active Campaign is the best solution for most practices. If you’ve been following my material for any length of time you’ll know… Read More


58 Reasons Why Your Practice Website Sucks And What To Do About It

Most practice owners would agree that a website is an important part of your practice marketing. What most owners don’t usually realise is just how important it can be and the work involved in doing it properly. Regardless of whether you are a chiropractor, dentist, GP, osteopath, physiotherapist or other healthcare professional, in this guide… Read More