Physiotherapy Websites that Actually Build Your Practice

Choosing the supplier for your physiotherapy website can be confusing. Cutting through the technical jargon is difficult and can distract you from the essence of what you need:

A Website that actually generates new patients and encourages current patient retention. Simple.

It’s not difficult really. The trouble is most websites are built by people who are just technically savvy, or who are designers. They don’t understand the healthcare market, and most importantly they don’t understand marketing. They don’t realise that a well laid out, conversion optimised website can generate tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra revenue for your practice.

$100,000’s for my practice. Did I read that right?

Yes, you did. Tens to hundreds of thousands in extra revenue. Let’s do some simple maths.

Most practices, when they analyse their figures, find that an average patient spends $500 to $2000 in their practice during the lifetime of their care. This will depend on what you charge and how well you retain your patients to the end of their course of care.

So if you generate an additional 1 new patient a month from your website at these lifetime values, over the space of a year that is an extra $6,000 to $24,000 in extra revenue.

4 new patients a month would generate $24,000 to $96,000 in extra revenue a year. In fact one of our clients has generated 13 new patients in a month from the internet at $2,500 a patient. That equals $390,000 a year in revenue from their internet marketing.

Suddenly, you realise asking how much a website costs is the wrong question. You need to ask how much can a website generate for my practice.

“…an extra $390,000 a year in practice revenue.”

So let’s talk. Schedule a time for a Strategic Review for your website. We’ll look at where you want to go and the best ways of getting you there. We’ll discuss pricing plans to make your marketing affordable, and most of all, cost effective.

Oh, and any site we build you will of course look great, and have all the maps, contact forms and bells and whistles that the other guys are trying to sell you on…

“Matt has been terrific to work with. I felt immediately confident in his knowledge and very reassured by his calm and collected manner.

Over the course of a few Skype calls he quickly ascertained my needs and provided me with a clear plan, gave me options I could fit into my budget, and delivered great images and copy that have generated leads for our business that amount to a great return on my investment.”

Darren Stuchbery

Owner & Physiotherapist, 6s Health

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