Facebook have released an exciting new tool for people looking to market their practice – Local Awareness Ads.  These are ads that will show in the Facebook newsfeed of people in your geographic area.  The ads have a click to call button on them which enable people to take action straight away and get in contact with your practice.  Watch this video from Facebook to learn more.

The main drawback with these ads is that users must be on a mobile phone and must have location services enabled so Facebook can localise them to your area.  However given that 72% of online adults use Facebook, and a large percentage of those access it regularly via mobile phones, the potential audience for your message is still huge.

One other downside is these ads don’t allow you to target by other Facebook criteria apart from location.  So you can’t set up separate ads for different interests, eg. a cycling ad for cyclists.  This does reduce your chances of delivering a targeted message.

All up though, these ads provide a great way to get into Facebook marketing.  If you’d like to see how implementing Facebook ads can help grow your practice, click here to schedule a Strategy Session for your practice.


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