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“if you ask for likes you are actually going to compromise your ability to market well on Facebook”  Tweet this

Hi, Matthew Holmes here from Clear Health Media. Facebook has been at it again.

Facebook has been making changes to business changes yet again, they seem to love going through and redesigning the interface for Facebook every couple of years, I am sure they have very good reasons for doing so but unfortunately as a practice owner it can make a little bit tricky to keep up to date with the changes.

They have made some layout changes in terms of the positioning and the size of some of the images on the business pages. So be sure to read this post below and get the exact new dimensions that you need to be considering when you are building your Facebook page.

The other thing that has come to light about Facebook is that they are starting to demonstrate how it is that people actually get their content to be recognised by users. So what happens is when you post something on your Facebook feed it will come out in the feeds of the people who have liked you Facebook page. Now, the thing is it has become harder and harder to actually get your information to show up in the feed of those people who have liked your page and people are suspecting that Facebook may be trying to get you to pay more for advertising in order to achieve that same reach but they have released how they are going about calculating that. Now, one of the things that they have described is that if you actively ask people to like your posts then that will actually detract from your ability to get your item into people’s news feeds.

So when you are posting stuff on Facebook it is rather ironic you want people to like it, you want people to engage with it but you are not allowed to ask for it, if you ask for likes you are actually going to compromise your ability to market well on Facebook. So next time you put your post up there make sure you take that into account.

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Thanks again and we will see you soon.

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