Looking to Increase Your New Patient Numbers?

Consider Targeted, Cost Effective Online Advertising.


The Trend to Online 

Yellow Pages used to be the way to market your practice.  Now the majority of people turn to online search engines to find local services.  Of those Google accounts for approximately 67% of the market.  Because of this, besides word of mouth referrals, online marketing is the best way to market your practice.

What is Online Advertising?

Online advertising can take many forms, but the most relevant form for most practices is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.  With PPC we research the words that people most commonly use to search for your services online.  We then set up your advertising so that your ad shows right in front of the people who are searching for your services.  The great news is that you only pay when the searcher clicks on your ad. This means that you get traffic to your website of people who are actively looking for practitioners like you.  You can also take advantage of mobile phone search ads where people are presented with your number to call when they search for your keywords.

Google Adwords is the most effective platform for most practices.

Awareness of Online Advertising is Increasing – But Beware.

Google is beginning to actively market their Adwords PPC services to local businesses.  Because getting to grips with the complexities of managing an Adwords campaign is beyond the time constraints and expertise of most small businesses, they are doing this through a service known as Adwords Express.

In theory Adwords Express sounds great, but the experience of most PPC professionals is that Adwords Express leads to poor ad targeting and increased advertising costs in the order of 2-5 times! 

Your Competitors.

Your competition will become more aware of online advertising in the coming 12 months as Google rolls out their marketing campaign.  If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, they will leave you behind.

We have seen that healthcare practices have a problem – how to take advantage of the trend toward online searches and with it online advertising.  Traditional agency fees are in the range of $3000 to $5000 per month!  With our experience in the healthcare arena we can offer a complete managed service for a fraction of the cost.

Our Service

Our service is for healthcare practices looking to increase their new patient numbers through targeted, cost effective online advertising.

We provide the expertise of managed Adwords campaigns for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing agencies.

Why Us?

Clear Health Media is an online marketing and web development agency established by a practising clinician, Dr Matthew Holmes.  We understand that what your business needs is new patients delivered to your practice for the lowest possible marketing spend, and to retain those new patients in your practice.  We are a certified Google Partner Agency for Adwords.

Our History.

We have been managing Google Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising campaigns since 2009.  We have clients in Australia, USA and the United Kingdom and have trained with leaders in the PPC field.

Complete Customised Adwords Account Management

Because we specialise in healthcare practices and we can therefore be much more targeted. Our service includes:

  • Setting up your account with custom ads and keywords,
  • Ongoing modification and optimisation of keywords and campaigns,
  • Ad review and ongoing split testing and optimisation
  • Reporting to you.
  • We also advise on improvements that you can make to your website to improve your conversions and keep your cost per click as low as possible.

Act Now.

We only take one client in a geographic area per theme or profession, depending on account type.  Once another clinic in your area contracts our services they are closed to you for as long as that client is with us.  Before we take on a client we undertake a strategic review of their practice goals, challenges and opportunities.

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