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Video Transcript.

Hi, Dr Matthew Holmes here from Clear Health Media.

I was speaking to a client of ours recently and the question came up about what web domain name should you choose?

For those who aren’t familiar, the domain name is the address of the site. The domain name of this site is

If you know a bit about search engine optimisation you may know that having you keywords in the title can help the site rank better.

For example if you were a chiropractor looking to get good search results for Melbourne, having would probably help you rank better if someone is searching for Melbourne Chiropractor.

The problem with this is that it is very location specific. So if you were to open in another location, the original domain name won’t fit that well.

The benefit that this provides also seems to be decreasing.

I generally recommend getting a brandable domain. That is a domain that is the name of your business. That way it can move with you if you move or expand to other areas.

If the location specific domain names are available, you may want to purchase these also and point them to your site. They won’t provide any search engine optimisation benefit, but it will prevent your competition from getting hold of them.

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