Practice Website Search Engine Optimisation

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is based on what is known as on-page and off-page factors. On-page factors are things like the titles on your pages, the text, descriptions etc. We start with an audit of your website to see whether your current site is optimized for doing SEO. If not, we’ll give you specific recommendations about how to fix it.

Off-page factors are primarily backlinks to your site. We’ll do an analysis of your existing links to see if there’s any problems there. We’ll look at your current keyword positions within the search engines and those of your competitors. We’ll look at what is know as your anchor text and other metrics to see if they are well-optimized for your site.

After talking about your plans for your practice, we’ll develop the perfect step-by-step SEO campaign for you to keep you ahead of your competition and rank well.

What Does Your SEO Service Include?

That depends on your current situation and the plans for your practice. Just like you can’t skip your new patient consultation and apply the same treatment to every patient, we need to assess your current situation and make a prescription based on what you need and want.

Some of the services we include:

  • Citations and directory listings for local SEO.
  • Guest posting on authoritative relevant websites.
  • Producing high quality content (articles, infographics etc) for your blog and reaching out to other sites for backlinks.
  • Local business link outreach.
  • Syndication to your social media sites.
  • Blog commenting and other online interactions.

As you can imagine these high-quality SEO techniques are very technical and time consuming. As a busy practice owner you shouldn’t be spending the days and weeks it would take for you to learn how to do it yourself.

Do You Guarantee Page 1 Results?

The internet has spawned a whole industry of hustlers and so called “SEO Consultants” who make all sorts of unrealistic promises.

These people often use dangerous or “Black Hat” strategies that risk contravening the rules and getting your website banned from Google – drying up an important new patient source in the process and costing you tens of thousands in lost revenue.These companies will often guarantee top of page one rankings, but if you look at the fine print it will be for terms that nobody ever searches for. The reality in today’s market is that getting page 1 rankings for terms that are relevant for your practice is a complex process that takes time to do safely and professionally.

Experts at Online Marketing

The owner and founder of Clear Health Media, Matthew Holmes, is a practitioner with over 20 years experience running and marketing multiple practices. We know that professional, but effective marketing is needed to get your practice more clients. For that reason we specialize in online marketing for healthcare practices.

Do You Just Do SEO?

As a full service agency, we can also provide paid Facebook and Adwords campaigns to generate visitors and improve traffic to your website. All the strategies we provide are designed to be powerful patient-producing advertising.If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you get more patients from the internet click here to book a Strategy Session.

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