Hi, Dr Matthew Holmes here from Clear Health Media.

Recently I made a short video about choosing the right domain name for your business.
I made the comment that you may want to consider choosing an exact match domain for your practice.  Exact match domains are those that match the most common keyword someone would use to search for your business.  For my practice in Greensborough, that might be
Branded domains are those related to your clinic name.  For example I could have if Matthew’s Chiropractic Clinic was my business name.
I highlighted that exact match domains are harder to use to convey your brand, and are not very portable if you happen to move or expand to another suburb.
However previously there was a benefit in getting your site to rank in the search results.  In the last 2 weeks that has all changed.  There is now evidence that Google is penalising smaller sites with exact match domains.
On this basis I would have to recommend that you go with the domain name that matches your business name.  You still may want to buy the exact match phrases and point them to your site just to stop someone else using them, however don’t use them as your main one.
We can help you choose the best domain name for your business with our website packages.  Visit for more information.
Thanks again for listening and we will see you next time.
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