Hi, Dr Matthew Holmes here from Clear Health Media.

Hopefully you have some sort of website promoting your practice because with dwindling Yellow Pages and Local Paper use online is definitely where you need to be.

While you business is located in one suburb it makes sense to set a broader net. Most practices will draw their patients from at least a few nearby suburbs. When advertising that on your website you need to be careful how that is done.

Google has recently highlighted that they consider “stuffing” suburb names into a paragraph to be a practice they frown upon. An example for my practice would be, “If you live in Greensborough, Eltham, St Helena, Montmorency, Watsonia or Diamond Creek consider us for your chiropractic care”. Now you could argue that this is a legitimate descriptor, but if you depend upon Google for much of the traffic to your website, you should avoid this practice unless you want to be penalised or “Slapped” by Google.

How do you know if your traffic comes from Google? You need analytics installed on your website. We can do that for you via our web design services. We can also help you clean up the text of your website to ensure it is best optimised to avoid any penalties and to be the best on page SEO results. Visit our web design pages for more information.

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