Hi, Dr Matthew Holmes here from Clear Health Media.

You may have noticed in recent months there has been a great surge of activity around the new website called Pinterest, and some practitioners are interested to learn how they can go about using Pinterest to market their clinic better.

Pinterest for those of you who aren’t familiar with it is a photo sharing or image sharing website where in your journeys across the internet you want to be trying to, or people are trying to discover images and share them on their particular blog, within the Pinterest website. So the ways that you can use this as a practice owner is that you can be pinning images that you may be thinking are relevant to you and to your patient base.

You may decide to set an account for the clinic itself or you may decide to set it up as a personal account and share it within the business. You can include Pinterest tag buttons on your websites so that if you get people coming to your site they can more easily share your images. You can also share any images that you have produced in relation to your website as well.

All of this information is going to increase the chances of somebody finding your website and it is also going to act as a source of back links which from an SEO point of view is going to be beneficial as well. So if you haven’t checked Pinterest I suggest that you take the time to pop along and see what you make of it. Think about how you can possibly use it in your business to promote your practice.

This has been another videoblog from Clear Health Media.

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