Hi, Dr Matthew Holmes here from Clear Health Media.

Your marketing needs goals, strategy and tactics. I break these down as follows:

Goals are your business aims. For example, I want 20 new patients a month from my website.

The strategy is how you plan to achieve that. For example, I am going to have a rich media strategy that drives traffic to my website and establishes me as a trusted authority in the area of my practice. My practice will then become the default choice for someone with that particular problem.

The tactics are the steps I will take to get there. For example, I am going to make 2, 5 minute videos a month. I will then post those to YouTube, and then embed them on my website. I will then have them transcribed and post the transcript on my site as well. I will strip out the audio and submit it to iTunes as a podcast.

So first of all, define your goals. Work out what you want your practice to look like in 6 months time.

Next define what you are going to take to get there. This is your strategy.

Finally define the step by step process that you need to take to achieve the strategy.

Thanks for listening and we will see you next time.

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