We’re big fans of Facebook advertising here at Clear Health Media because of the results it can deliver for your practice.  We tend not to be so hot on spending a lot of time just posting on your Facebook page.  However, it is important to make sure that your page has activity on it, as people who visit the page won’t be inspired if they see an empty timeline and the sound of crickets…

So you need to find a way to publish material regularly, but in a way that takes the minimum amount of time.  This 7 minute video takes you through the exact process to follow to get highly targeted relevant articles sent to your inbox for free, on any topic you’d like.

We also run through how to batch post these articles to your Facebook page so they can be drip fed out over the next weeks or month.  It’s so simple you could easily outsource this to one of your team members and have them implement it tomorrow.  Click the play button to watch now.

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