One of the best ways to encourage referrals in your practice is through the use of referral cards. They provide an easy way for someone to convey your message to a prospective patient.

There are three steps to someone making a referral to you.*

  • The person has to notice that a relevant conversation is going on (i.e. they are speaking to someone about their back pain).
  • They have to think of you.
  • They have to mention you to the other person.

By giving the person a referral card you are making it easier for them to complete all three steps.

Have your printer make up your cards with your business card on the front and some sort of offer or list of conditions you can help on the back. Leave a space for the referrer to write their name, and thank them when they refer.

When a new patient attends your clinic, give them 2-3 cards at their first or report of findings visit. Tell them “These aren’t for you, they are for someone that you know that we could help.”

Also give the cards to your staff and have them write their names on them so you can reward them! Motivated staff will help build your practice in and out of the clinic.

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* As outlined by Dean Jackson from “I Love Marketing
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