Email Marketing - Improve Patient Retention & Re-activation

Getting patients to your practice is difficult – having them stay the course of their care and refer others can be challenging as well.  However through the use of email marketing you can improve your patient retention and increase referrals as well.

What is Email Marketing?

In it’s simplest form it is sending an email from your email program to someone to deliver your marketing message. However to operate at scale (and not eat up all your team’s time) the process needs to be automated.

At Clear Health Media we can create email marketing sequences and automations to deliver your message to your patients in an automated yet personalised way.  Some examples of this might be:

New Patient Sequences.

When a new patient attends you practice, they are subscribed to a series of 7 emails that are delivered automatically.  The first email welcomes the patient to the practice.  The second sent a few days later, discusses some care tips that patients can follow to get the best results – including keeping to their appointment schedule!  The third email sent after about 5 days introduces the concept of referring others to the clinic and discusses the common things you help.  Further emails introduce health concepts, reinforce the referral message and encourage compliance with care.

Website Blog Fed Newletters

If you’re using one of our SEO packages or if your blogging regularly yourself, we can setup a blog fed email newsletter where your email list is sent an excerpt of the blog and provided with a link to teh full article.  It’s a great way to keep people aware of your practice, get them coming back to your website and increase re-activations.

Many Others…

Other uses of email marketing include lead nurturing sequences to increase the conversion rate of website or social media enquiries, emailing out specific offers to your patient database and many other activities.  If you’re considering options get in touch to see how we can help get it done right.

Done For You

Configuring Email programs and creating sequences can be technically daunting and time consuming. With our expertise we can ensure the work is done right and looks fantastic.  Book a Strategy Session now to see how we can help you.


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