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Mobile responsive design

What’s New in Marketing Your Practice Online

Over the last few days I have been at a digital marketing conference reviewing the latest developments in marketing your business online and I thought I’d share three of the most important points with you, particularly with regard to marketing your practice.  The first was that mobile search for services is only going to get… Read More

AHPRA Guidelines (c)AHPRA 2014

How To Make the New AHPRA Guidelines Work For You

AHPRA and the Chiropractors Registration Board have released their new social media guidelines for chiropractors. Is this a good thing for you? How can you use these new guidelines to benefit your practice? Read more to find out…

Referral cards.

New Patient Strategies – Referral Cards

One of the best ways to encourage referrals in your practice is through the use of referral cards. They provide an easy way for someone to convey your message to a prospective patient. There are three steps to someone making a referral to you.* The person has to notice that a relevant conversation is going… Read More

Measuring Your Practice's Success

Are You Wasting Money on Your Marketing?

The Importance of Tracking Your Marketing Results. When you are the practice owner it is easy to get lost in the day to day running of the practice and treating patients. As you do so you can lose track of what, if any, marketing you are doing and what results it is giving you. One… Read More

Business constriction

How Would Your Practice FAIL When Faced With Success?

Are your systems constricting the growth of your business? Would your practice fail if it doubled tomorrow? Watch this episode and stop that happening.

Structured micro data

Skyrocket Your Practice’s Local Business Listing

We all know that Google searches the internet looking for relevant information to deliver to it’s users. It is in their interest to get the correct information to people first time. You can help Google and other search engines achieve this by correctly marking information on your website…

Practice Growth

How Healthy is Your Practice?

We all know the importance of getting check ups. As practitioners we are always encouraging our patients to come in for their regular check ups, whether it be for their spine, brain or other body systems. How often though to we do check ups on our business to see how successful it is? If your… Read More