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Targeting a niche

Choosing a Practice Niche

Starting your own practice can be an overwhelming prospect and you may be wondering what you need to do. One of your first steps is choosing your niche or practice area. Having a well-defined niched will give you some directions and guidance on many other aspects of your business, from marketing materials to location. Here… Read More

Counting your marketing channels

Are your new patients at risk?

Are you dependent on just one or two sources of new patients? If so then your practice’s security is at risk. Discover why and what to do about it here.

Burning money on practice marketing

How much money are you wasting doing your own marketing?

Believe it or not, doing your own marketing will cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Discover how to make that money, not lose it!

Key Performance Indicators in Your Practice

Key Performance Indicators and Your Practice’s Success

Now, if you are anything like me, the words key performance indicator make your blood run cold.  You can almost feel the stupor of the corporate world descending upon you.  It is often the very thing that most people wanted to avoid by becoming a healthcare practitioner.  However I would ask that you look past… Read More

Facebook changes video screenshot

Avoid This Facebook Mistake in Marketing Your Practice

We review the new changes to Facebook pages and discuss what you mustn’t do when posting content to Facebook. Read more…

Facebook Business Page Changes

Facebook Business Page Changes Infographic

In this great new infographic we summarise the changes to Facebook Business pages, giving you the pros and cons of the new layout and features.

Mobile responsive design

What’s New in Marketing Your Practice Online

Over the last few days I have been at a digital marketing conference reviewing the latest developments in marketing your business online and I thought I’d share three of the most important points with you, particularly with regard to marketing your practice.  The first was that mobile search for services is only going to get… Read More