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Why You Should Switch to Active Campaign (We Did!)

Active Campaign is a great system to use to manage your email communications. In this article I’m going to dive into what these systems are, why you need them, and why I think Active Campaign is the best solution for most practices. If you’ve been following my material for any length of time you’ll know… Read More


58 Reasons Why Your Practice Website Sucks And What To Do About It

Most practice owners would agree that a website is an important part of your practice marketing. What most owners don’t usually realise is just how important it can be and the work involved in doing it properly. Regardless of whether you are a chiropractor, dentist, GP, osteopath, physiotherapist or other healthcare professional, in this guide… Read More

Why Should I Outsource My Online Marketing?

When you’re running a busy practice it’s easy to fall into the role of a “jack of all trades”, from HR manager and chief financial officer to IT support and business development officer. In the days when marketing for medical practitioners and therapists meant no more than advertising in the local paper and the occasional… Read More

Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Responsive

Have you been browsing websites on your phone recently, only to find that some sites don’t work or seem to be broken, or just look really ugly? If the font is too small, you find links that don’t work or you have to try somehow to zoom in just to find the navigation bar, it’s… Read More


Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Facebook have released an exciting new tool for people looking to market their practice – Local Awareness Ads.  These are ads that will show in the Facebook newsfeed of people in your geographic area.  The ads have a click to call button on them which enable people to take action straight away and get in… Read More

Pick A Niche Or Risk Losing Your Audience

One of the most important things to understand about the behaviour of those online is that there are predominantly two different types of people: one group is made up of people who are just “surfing” and browsing around looking for things that interest them. The second group of people is actively trying to find a… Read More

Right Decisions small

Making “Right” Decisions for Practice Growth

The biggest challenge that we find when we are working with clients is motivating the practice owner to make a decision, usually around approving content or images for their marketing campaign. Often they’re concerned about getting their marketing message just right before they take action. It’s important to remember that making a decision in your… Read More